Realizing.. life is short

        Lately, after all the trial and error of running my own company the past year, I've learned to work hard but also spoil myself with small get aways! Never in a million years did I think I could be a boss, yet my own boss!   Being the owner of Unveiled by Christina Vo, at the age of 24, has been such a great adventure. I can actually say that I am living my dreams. Things have definitely took a 180 turn in my life, but for the better! I can't thank you my family, boyfriend, friends, and clients ( who become great friends) enough! In the past year, not only have I been double booking weddings , working huge red carpet events, and working on set. I learned to balance the people and things around me ! As when I was younger, I was always flustered , sleep deprived, and had terrible habits. Everyone gets to a point in their life where they aren't seeing where there hard earned money is, but I know that I'm being self-less and using the highest quality ingredients and products on my clients.  It's been over 7 years now that I've been doing hair & makeup  and know that i will never give my clients a half ass service! There's one saying that I always have in the back of my head, and its," Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life."